Issues Connected with Uncleaned HVAC

Keeping your HVAC system is very important: if you overlook it there can be a large selection of issues that take place, one being blocked and unclean filters. The air filter cleans up the air that blows into your house, and whilst it is cleaning up the air, it leaves all the dirt and germs in these filters. In time this develops and makes the filter filthy and if these aren’t cleaned up or changed the a/c ends up being less reliable and can, in fact, wind up blowing filthy air into your home.

Below are a few of the issues connected with unclean filters:

An air filter that is blocked decreases the quantity of air that comes through the system, this lowers the quantity of air circulation into a structure or house and the efficiency of the system. It is possible for the system to stop working when air filters are blocked as a/c systems are developed to deal with a particular quantity of air flow.

Irritants are triggered by the dirt and mold developed in a/c systems. A filthy air filter triggers the duct to become filthy too which is where the mold and germs grow. The contamination inside your home can trigger signs such as tiredness, coughing, scratchy eyes, headaches, aching throat, problem breathing, blockage and tightening up of the chest. Having your air filter cleaned up or changed will minimize these signs.

When the filter on a central air system gets filthy, the dirt is more than most likely to infect the duct in your house. It is even more beneficial to have your air filter cleaned up or changed instead of waiting and investing great deals of cash on changing ductwork that has actually been harmed from particle and dirt.

Regular check-up and cleaning are essential in order to keep your HVAC working properly and your family healthy. \

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Chiropractic Care and the Improving Relationship with Healthcare

When chiropractic care was first offered, it was seen as the black sheep of the healthcare family. The chiropractor didn’t go through the same kind of training or receive the same kind of education as the medical doctor. While the general public was fairly warm to the idea of chiropractic care, many doctors decried it as quack medicine or simply unnecessary.

Those views have changed considerably over the last few decades, and the relationship between medical doctors and chiropractors has warmed immensely. Chiropractors are no longer looked down upon with disdain by the majority of the medical community, and that’s because their contribution to patient care and the overall wellbeing of the person are finally being noticed.

Medical doctors are seeing the improvements in their patients after they go to see the chiropractor. They have now had years to study the effects of chiropractic care and its benefit to the average patient.
Many a Greenville chiropractor, like Greenville chiropractor , has received patient referrals from medical doctors and healthcare establishments. Some years ago, that would have been extremely rare, but now it is simply business as usual.

The research on the benefits of chiropractic care has made healthcare professionals rethink their stance on chiropractors. They have seen the results of patients treated under chiropractic care, and they know that it is an important part of ensuring their patients’ wellbeing. Many times, medical doctors have to send their patients to chiropractors, because they cannot treat the problem on their own, and they need the kind of specialized care that only chiropractors can provide.

The partnership between medical doctors and chiropractors has been strong for years now, but even at this time, there are still holdouts and doctors who believe that chiropractic care has no tangible benefits. In time, they too may come around and realize that by including chiropractors in their contacts and as part of their network, they can serve their customers better and ensure they receive the best care possible. The demand is certainly there from the patients as well. They too have had generations to see the positive effects of chiropractic care, on their families, friends and loved ones. Their opinion may not be as professionally guided and informed as a doctor’s would be, but it is still a valuable one and one that doctor’s need to consider as they care for their patients.

What Is Insulation And How To Insulate Your Home

The winter season is coming near, and you recall the last one. Feeling prepared you went into your home, almost mocking the weather that it was going to be okay. All by yourself, you tuck into your bed and wait a good nights sleep. Come morning, you cannot feel your toes, as they had frozen overnight. A year has passed, and you decide to better the situation by investing in proper home insulation. You search, decide and act on the matter. Keeping in mind calling the pros for any doubts. For more information visit Eco Cellulose Insulation.

Here´s how you can insulate your home.

  • Protect your Doors – Always keep in mind doorways that open to the outside. Gaps are often situated at the bottom of the doors. The way to treat this seemingly unharmful gap is by getting your hands on some draft excluders. As fancy as it may seem, it consists of a tube of insulation that one installs at the bottom of the door, allowing the warm air to stay inside the house and cold air on the outside. These tubes can be found in many hardware stores and many variations from size, shape, color. And for the project loving family out there, you can even make them yourself.
  • Secure around windows – You think closing your windows will be enough. Unfortunately, they are not airtight. And it is always a constant enemy. When your windows are first installed, they are secured to the frame as a means of insulation. Over the time, the seal begins to wear down, until gaps are formed, making them perfect warm air escape routes. If theses holes are at all present in your window frame, then it´s time take out the caulk gun and begin sealing. Making sealing those gaps, a non-time consuming job.
  • Insulate window panes – If you thought it was enough only to seal those little holes in your window frame, then you are mistaken. As surprising as it may seem, window panes are not as that barrier we think them to be. Sadly, window panes also wear out, if one becomes old, worn-worn down, it may as well be letting all the warmth escape. To prevent this from occurring again, all you need to do is grab some insulation film and begin wrapping your window pane around. If in a pinch, you can get away by utilizing some bubble wrap instead.
  • Wrapping your hot water tank – Properly sealing your water tank can even help you save energy (also money) in those winter season days. This only applies to homeowners with a reservoir matching this style, as newer homes come without a hot water tank. If you happen to have one for many years now, then chances of it the insulation being worn-out are pretty high. All you have to do is purchase an insulation blanket for the many hardware stores around, show your tank some love (hug it). Now, your tank is insulated with no effort what so ever, making the easiest way start your house insulation process.

How are essential oils antibacterial

essential-oils-bottlesEssential oils are quite famous not just for its aroma, but also for its amazing health properties. A number of essential oils present important antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that could prove beneficial, especially with the increasing drug-resistant bacteria. In the face of this, scientists and farmers are looking for different ways to keep people healthy and plant extracts are one of the prospects.

When they say essential oils, it is quite common for people to think of scented candles or spas, but those aren’t just how essential oils are used or known for. Essential oils, which are plant extracts, are used in plenty of things from personal care, cleaning and pest control to food coloring and all kinds of medications.

Essential oils are commonly used in the food industry because of their properties that fight food-borne pathogens. These oils have preservative potency, thanks to their antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. A number of oils have been shown to effectively treat a number of health issues and researches are even getting findings that essential oils are powerful enough to kill human cancer cells.

Due to the increasing resistance to antibiotics, studies and researches about the potency of essential oils against many kinds of bacteria is being tested. In one study, scientists worked on evaluating the antibacterial activity of several essential oils against a number of bacterial species. What’s more, they are found to fight bacteria without any severe side effects. Thus the application of essential oils is much safer. can provide you the best information and supply sources.

After testing, almost all essential oils tested showed antibacterial activity to one or more bacterial strains. Of all these essential oils, some that showed noteworthy inhibitory effect are orange, clove, cinnamon, lime, lemon, geranium and rosemary oils. It shows that essential oils could be the answer to what scientists are looking for.

Drug resistant pathogens are increasing and are one of the most serious threats in the treatment of microbial disease. But with essential oils, there could be an alternative remedy for infectious diseases that drugs cannot fight anymore. With the antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant properties of essential oils, it could become a major boost to health care and medicine.

What You Need To Know About Assault Charges

Assault is cataloged as an intentional use of force or violence against another person such as punching or striking the victim with an object. Any crime that involves physical attack is usually classified as an assault and depending on the seriousness of the attack or the type of weapon used; these acts can rise to the level of aggravated assault. If you are located in Long Beach CA, and you are dealing with this type of offense, Angels Bail Bonds,,will help you to handle the difficultness of the situation.

Like any other types of crimes, assault can also be considered as a misdemeanor or as a felony offense

Simple assault: It is usually charged as a misdemeanor, is the least serious form of assault and involves minor injury or a limited threat of violence. A simple assault can also rise to the level of aggravated assault charge depending on the identity of the victim.
Aggravated assault: Implies circumstances that make the crime more severe, such as committing assault with a deadly weapon or results in serious injuries that require hospitalization or surgery.

Here there are some other examples of aggravated assault:

  • Striking or threatening to strike someone with a dangerous object or a weapon
  • Shooting someone else with a gun or threatening to kill someone while pointing the deadly weapon at the victim
  • Assault with the intent to commit other felonies offense such as rape or robbery
  • Assault against a member of a protected class such a healthcare provider, developmentally elderly or disable person and police officers
  • assault family violence

These are the different types of assault charges and the maximum punishment of them

Life maximum assault offenses

  • First-degree murder
  • Felony murder
  • Second-degree murder
  • Attempted murder

15 years maximum assault offenses

  • Assault against a pregnant woman causing the death of her unborn child
  • Child abuse first-degree
  • criminal sexual conduct second and third degree

Ten years maximum assault offenses

  • Assault with the intent to commit a felony
  • Assault against a pregnant woman causing great bodily harm to the fetus
  • Assault with the intent to cause major injuries to the victim

Five years maximum assault offenses

  • Assault with the intent to cause sexual contact
  • Assault against a utility worker causing severe impairment
  • Penalties for simple and aggravated assault

Simple assault is considered as a misdemeanor, and for that, the penalties for committing simple assault can range from six months to one year in jail and a maximum $4,000 fine. Also, misdemeanors defendants have the option of performing community service, participate in criminal education programs or being on house arrest avoiding jail time. However, aggravated assault is classified as a second-degree felony, which means you could face up to 20 years incarcerated and a maximum fine of $10,000.

The consequences for assault can range from jail time to probation, parole, fines and anger management programs. It is also important to avoid any contact with the victim after you have been charged with assault. You might work things out between the two of you, but that will only hurt your defense. This video explains the differences between battery and assault in case you were wondering if they meant the same thing.

Differences Between Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Differences between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring is a commonly asked question among snorers. Sometimes, loud snoring is only caused by the vibration of tissues in the airway. Other times, sleep apnea is involved in causing a partial or complete physical blockage of the airway while sleeping. In some other cases, OSA is accompanied by snoring but other times can occur with no signs of snoring at all. If you are looking for solutions to avoid snoring, click here to know more about those options.

You have to be aware of the differences between snoring and sleep apnea before ordering a device

What is snoring?

Simple snoring is the result of an obstacle to air flow to the passage at the back of your mouth and the back of your throat. Your body to oxygen will try to force air flow through these passages. Snoring occurs when the tongue and the upper part of the throat meet the uvula and the soft palate, vibrating and striking each other while trying to breathe. Suffering from poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue, the use of antihistamines, alcohol, sleeping pills, obstructed nasal cavities and an excessive throat tissue bulk, are some of the common causes of snoring. Habitual snoring occurs in 40% of adults over the age of 40. Overweight adults and children snore more because there is fat tissue in the neck and throat area which narrows the airway.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a dangerous situation, and it happens when a snorer´s body mostly experiences a lack of oxygen, causing pauses when breathing for at least ten seconds. There are three different types of sleep apnea:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea: It occurs when the air is obstructed or collapsed, this is the most common type of sleep apnea.
  • Central sleep apnea: It occurs when breathing stops while sleeping, and is caused by the failure of the brain when sending the appropriate signals to stimulate the muscles that control breathing.
  • Complex sleep apnea: This is a simple combination of both, central and obstructive sleep apnea.

It is crucial to try your best to remedy the problem before it gets worst. There are several methods for stop snoring such as snoring devices.

These are some of the symptoms of sleep apnea

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness (falling asleep while driving or at other unacceptable time)
  • Morning headaches
  • Lack of energy
  • Pauses in breathing
  • Loud snoring
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • High blood pressure
  • Irritability or depression
  • Dry mouth or a sore throat in the morning

If sleep apnea is left untreated for too long, it can result in such problems as an abnormal heart rhythm or high blood pressure, as well as heart failure and death. Once you have gone to the doctor, you can ask him if it´s safe to use a snoring device depending on your situation. If you were diagnosed with OSA, this video explains the process of sleep apnea in your throat and some other signs that might reveal if you have sleep apnea.

Renting Out a Room What to do Beforehand

Your oldest child has now left the nest to go in pursuit of college. Bought a home only to later realize that you will not need a room. Perhaps you just cleaned up the over-the-year stored items in a particular chamber. By now you can probably guess I refer to those having a spare room in their homes. Whether you have thought of renting it out, or barely thinking of this, here is a guide with different steps to follow, before deciding to rent out a room. If you have any more doubts, or would like to learn more about the subject visit this website.

Here´s what you can consider before doing so.

  • Make sure you know your area-specific laws. Think about the local laws regarding this topic as they vary from state to state. Sometimes your excitement over finally renting out a room in your house might be crushed, only by finding out it is not allowed wherever you reside. Before taking a step forward into this process, take your time and get acquainted with the local laws, you do not want to end up making a mistake at the end of it.
  • Everything tenant related. Three specific topics come into play when talking about tenants; 1. Over-sharing 2. Background and 3. Personalities. The first one refers to the interview stage. Say you already found a possible tenant, and are getting to know them, the thing you do not want to do is giving more information than that needed. The second one dictates running a background check on your tenant to be. Some might say you are over-reacting, but it is your home. Safety here should be your number one priority, and this only ensures you are not letting a convict into your home. Last but not least, the third option refers to how close you personalities match up. Perhaps you are looking for a down to earth renter who has a similar mindset of yours, thus avoiding problems in future events. The point is to extensively know who you are letting in your home, making your choosing that much easier.
  •   Determine your guidelines. Also called writing an agreement. This step gives you the edge in setting some rules for the tenant-to-be to follow. Have your pick at what you would like to be done or respected in your home. Perhaps the idea of smoker bugs you, write it down. The option for the tenant to have guests past a certain time, write it down. Select as many as you decide, and or make you comfortable. In the end, it is your home and your decision on how to respect it.
  • Cash beforehand. You may find the need to ask for a payment worth a months rent, or even a deposit before moving in. Often used as a safety measure for any tenants who might back up in the first weeks of living in your place. Imagine having your household move before a payment date; you may find yourself reaching into your pocket to pay off those housing bills.

This here is a short list of some the key aspects to keep in mind before letting anyone rent a room in your house. Remember to take the necessary precautions, and always take your time before making a life-changing decision, such as letting an unknown person into your life.

Cherry Juice Health Benefits

Cherry juice health benefits are excellent for your health. Consuming cherry or cherry juice can help people to live a healthy life. Cherry juice is a health food that contains antioxidant properties which are important in attacking the harmful toxins in the body. You can obtain cherry juice health benefits by simply consuming 1 ½ cup or approximately 250 millilitres cherry juice daily. This is actually the same with when you are consuming 23 varieties of fruits and vegetables.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Consuming cherry juice is certainly a qualified health care solution. Cherry juice contains wide range of nutrients that include vitamin A, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B5, and vitamin C. Besides, cherry juice also contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium, zinc, copper, and phosphorous. That is why cherry juice health benefits are certainly effective for curing several health diseases.

When talking about cherry juice health benefits, it also reminds on the tart cherry juice concentrate as an effective natural remedy for a variety of aliment and health problems. This cherry juice concentrate is made by warming up and pressing fresh tart cherries. This is actually a source of such important elements and minerals. You can drink cherry juice or simply eat tart cherries for getting the benefits. Instead of cherry juice concentrate, there is also black cherry juice which is high in antioxidants. Some of black cherry juice health benefits are for treating arthritis, gout, and other inflammatory disorders.

Moreover, another cherry juice health benefits that you should know is the sports. Cherry juice can be a great option of sports drink. It is found that the sportsperson and athletes who drink cherry juice before exercising have reduced the risk of pains. It can boost the stamina, muscle strength, and improve the endurance. It is recommended by health care providers for long distance runners to consume cherry juice.

In addition, you can still get the cherry juice health benefits by making some healthy recipes using cherry juice as the ingredients. Basically, the key to obtain cherry juice health benefits is being consistent and consuming it every day. However, the result may be different for each people. In this situation, you become the best judge to know whether it is working for you or not.

Just like the other fruits, cherry contains antioxidant which can help protect against diseases and sickness. Cherry juice has been found to help prevent cancers, strokes, and help with high blood pressure. On the following information is going to deliver some other health benefits that you need to know.

The first cherry juice health benefits is to cure insomnia. According to the study that made by University of Rochester, drinking a glass of unsweetened cherry juice, two times a day can impart sound sleep. It is because cherry juice is rich in the melatonin component which is known as a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake pattern of the body.

The second cherry juice health benefits are to improve memory. Although cherry juice contains melatonin that could induce sleep, this can also enhance your memory. Cherry juice can improve concentration and learning skills so that it is very useful for the cognitive health.

The third cherry juice health benefits are used for healthful makeup. The tart cherries seem to be the most healthful. Cherries contain flavanols, anthocyanins, phenolic acids, phytochemicals, terpenes and plant hormones. These components can help reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, improve heart and brain health and inhibit tumour growth.

Additionally, the cherry juice health benefits include reducing the body pain. Drinking cherry juice is very beneficial for those who are suffering from gout disease. Gout disease is associated with the excess of uric acid in the body which can lead to joint pains and inflammation.

Is Network Marketing Blogging Dying?

An article published in the New York Times not too long ago states that the number of social network market bloggers between the ages of twelve and seventeen has been declining chat with a stranger. The study takes this statistic and utilizes it to pose the question of if blogging as a whole is starting to fall out of favor and whether or not its use as an online communication tool has died. Do you feel this is the case? Is blogging, specifically in the website marketing and online sales arena, dying? What would this, if it were real, imply for the sales field and for online marketers? We thought we would take a more detailed look at this question to discover whether or not it really is correct and what sort of implication it would mean for the field of internet marketing arena.

The very first thing that we found is that blogging for mlm free leads, especially in terms of aiding one’s ability to communicate online is not truly dying. The statistic of people aged 12-17 blogging less frequently doesn’t necessarily indicate that blogging is going away. What is actually happening is that people in this age group are just migrating over to Twitter and, especially, Facebook–the service that offers people the option to create “notes” which can act in much the same fashion as blog entries and allow the user to control who is able to see what they have written down. Adults are a good deal more likely to start their own internet sites than kids are, especially because things like parental consent are not actually an issue.

It can also be important to consider the undeniable fact that blogging for free mlm software is difficult. Blogging just isn’t a quick onetime thing. If you wish to make money online, especially when you are in Internet Marketing, you need to be willing to actually commit to the activity if you want to find success with the activity. While blogging arrived at the peak of its popularity in 2004-2006, lots of Internet Marketers jumped onto the bandwagon thinking that they might make a site really fast that, because it looked like a blog, they could slap up some advertising and sit back and collect earnings. It became apparent really quickly to everyone who tried this that the only way to truly make money with blogging is to be constantly updating the site with new information. This is the reason many Internet marketers have stopped making use of blogging as a primary income source.

Google continues to be working hard to discipline people who have submitted stolen content to their blogs and sites. This shows that every day hundreds of blogs are being de-indexed by Googlethese are generally the blogs created by people who use software to steal the content off of other sites and put it on their own. With numerous blogs falling off the radar, it will be easy to assume that blogging is dying and these sites are just being shut down.

The real truth is that blogging seriously isn’t dying. Blogging is just being much better regulated which means that it is a lot more difficult for people to earn money using these mediums. While this will influence some primary data, we predict that blogging isnt going anywhere. It’s still coming into its own for what exactly it is really supposed to be: an instrument for communication. It is a lot better to apply a blog to share information than it is for people to earn quick money.

one of the best weight-loss pills

10 Regular Reasons That You’re Not Losing Weight

Almost half of the world thinks they’re overweight, inning accordance with a new online survey of 30,000 individuals in 60 nations from the customer research group Nielsen. And while the same amount of people are attempting to lose weight, how we do it has actually altered dramatically in the span of just a couple of years.

Created by the highly popular brand Bauer Nutrition, Meratol is another top rated and exceptionally successful diet plan supplements. This item remains in the category of the quick weight-loss tablets. When one has a look into the product’s functions, benefits and many customer evaluations, it is easy to understand why it is so favoured among its thousands of pleased customers and considered one of the best weight-loss pills.

One way to ensure that you are eating healthy is to keep a precise food journal. Write down whatever you consume and eat, including serving sizes/portions. Be precise and honest, otherwise the journal is not practical. Keeping a record will help you discover your consuming practices and assist you assess the food options you make.

Nevertheless, it must be kept in mind that long term usage of CLA can result in intestinal upset like stomach discomfort, diarrhea, or bloating. Rae Uddin for LiveStrong writes that CLA might negatively affect the function of your capillary,” raising threats for establishing heart problem. CLA supplements have likewise been known to raise blood sugar levels, so it’s not recommended for diabetics.

By assisting promoting breakdown of saved body fats and enhancing metabolism, this product will help you cut body fat and enhance lean body mass. It achieves this goal by motivating cAMP production, which is a particle that tells the cells to increase the enzyme hormone-sensitive lipase, which works to break fat. It breaks down fat shops present within the cells. This fatty-acid release causes a head-producing response, which means that you will burn even additional calories while maintaining lean body mass. By your cells remaining in overdrive in regards to fat-breaking, you will lose body weight easily and quickly!

This recipe is not precisely a detox” beverage, but let’s be honest here, water is the key! If you can get in your water each day, you’ll naturally increase your metabolism and flush your system. This recipe was made to merely make water taste more tasty, and we can support that. But that does not indicate the other components do not do their part also.

If the name Proactol XS seems familiar to you, then you must understand that it was initially presented to the market as Proactol, and later on customized to Proactol Plus. Due to the fact that Proactol XS possesses an enhanced function and a fresh formula, it comes to not a surprise that its name was changed. The new Proactol XS’s fat-binding abilities are stated to be 33% much better than the previous edition. That’s why it has turned into one of the very best weight-loss supplements.

Any weight loss method that you attempt need to give hope of long-term sustainability. This should be the objective of any weight-loss attempt. What excellent is any weight reduction if the weight will not remain off. Because they ignore this essential need, the majority of people are not successful at losing weight. If exactly what you are doing will not assist you keep the weight off for at least two years, do not waste your time doing it.

4 Reasons For Householders to Have Solar Power House Now

Solar power has been viewed a the only source of energy in future. Latterly folks are seeking for paths to build solar power houses. Are you one of them? If not, or if you want to have more persuasion, you can continue reading this article and you may realize why you must have solar electricity for homes.

Click here for more information about solar from the Energy Smart website –

The 1st reason is that you can save cash. You no longer have to fret about the costly price of oil and coal. Although they keep on accelerating, it will not affect to you because solar energy is free and you need not pay for the sun. And most importantly, your solar power house will be able to provide electricity for you for at least 20 years. If you generate more power than you use, you can just sell them to the electrical company, implying that you can even earn extra money. With just a bit investment today, you can start considering ways to use the money that your solar power house saves.

The second reason is comparatively more long term. There are more and more folk finding homes powered by solar electricity because a lot of them don’t need to spend a little time on making their own ones. As the demand is inflating, you will get advantages if you have got a solar energy house. They’re valued highly by folks. You can sell the house for more money. Some folk even say that every single dollar you invest in the solar power system will bring you 10 or more greenbacks in return.

The third reason for you to have a solar power house is that it is supported by the government. In 2009, the US state has decided to carry out a solar power inducement program. Homeowners who are going to install solar power systems for houses will be offered a 30% tax credit. You may get more incentives, depending on the location of your house. Of course it is usually recommended that you search online for more reliable information. But the main point is with the help from the governing body, the building value of your solar powered house is dropped.

The forth reason is that solar energy for houses is beneficial not only to us but also to the Earth. We’ve been using oil, gas, coal and more damaging energy sources for ages. Our planet has been seriously polluted and the results are global warming, acid ran, fog, green homes effect and more . With the utilization of solar power houses, the emission of carbon-dioxide will be reduced, suggesting the pollution problem can be reduced and everyone of us will have a better environment to live.

They are the 4 major reasons for you to start your solar power house project now. I’m hoping you will make a smart call today.

If you’ve enjoyed all the exciting information you read here about solar power house guide, you’ll love everything else you find at Earth4Energy Review.

Breast Reduction Surgery for Men and Women

Breast reduction surgery is cosmetic surgery done to reduce the size of the breasts. Women can have breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty to get smaller breasts and reduce problems such as neck pain or back pain that may come from large pendulous breasts. Men may elect for breast reduction surgery to treat a condition called gynecomastia. This condition (sometimes informally referred to as man boobs) causes flabby or enlarged male breasts.

Information on Breast Reduction Surgery for Women
Men and women will have different reasons for seeking breast reduction surgery. In women, breast reduction surgery can be considered for:

uneven breasts, asymetrical breasts in which there is a difference of at least one full cup size
over-large breasts that cause back or neck pain, for example size double-D or DDD
breasts so large as to make if difficult to find clothing or brassieres that fits
If it is a question of sagging breasts, a breast lift might be a more appropriate surgery to consider. A breast lift will not really decrease the size of the breasts however – it will only make them slightly smaller and firmer.

In women or men, the reduction mammoplasty procedure is done under anesthesia. For breast reduction surgery in women, the incision may be made vertically (lollipop) or horizontally. Excess skin and tissue (around 500cc or more) will be removed. The nipple will also be repositioned to go along with the smaller breast size. You will need to discuss with your surgeon beforehand how much reduction in size you want, for example, do you want to go from a C-cup to a B-cup or an A-cup.

Information on Breast Reduction Surgery for Men
In men, a condition called gynecomastia can cause enlarged breast tissue. This may be due to genetics, medications, or weight gain. One or both breasts may be enlarged in gynecomastia. If you are considering male chest reduction surgery for gynecomastia, make sure you have ruled out other alternative treatments. Make sure you are in generally good health and do not smoke.

If the large breasts are due to excess fat, liposuction surgery may be performed. If the enlargement is due to glandular tissue, the tissue will be removed, using excision. Excision will also be needed to reposition the nipple or areola (the pigmented area around the nipple). The scars will be visible, but your surgeon can try to place them where they are less noticeable. Risks include infection, scarring, anesthesia complications, pain and nerve damage. Breast reduction in either men or women may be done with other procedures, such as an upper body lift, which also includes arm lift surgery. Breast reduction may also be combined with procedures in other areas, such as tummy tuck surgery or thigh lift.

Breast Reduction Surgery Costs
Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty can be performed in an outpatient clinic or a hospital. The cost generally starts at $3500. There may be additional cost due to anesthesia or surgeon’s fees. In some cases of male breast reduction, the cost may be covered by insurance. If the surgery was done to correct health problems such as back pain or neck pain, there is a better chance for insurance coverage of the costs. This is a big procedure, not something you undertake easily. So don’t consider this without examining many less drastic alternatives.

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, or any plastic surgery, find a qualified plastic surgeon. You want someone who is experienced in doing reduction mammoplasty. It doesn’t do you much good to find a hair replacement doctor who specializes in hair graft surgery, if that’s not the surgery you are getting. Ask to see before and after photos of people like yourself, with your body type, who had a similar reduction in size.
After the procedure, make sure you follow your doctor’s directions and allow ample time for healing. You may have bandages, and you may be given a support garment to wear to reduce swelling. It can take several weeks to recover from the surgery. If you have had other procedures done at the same time such as a butt lift or augmentation, costs will be higher and recovery time will be longer.

The results are generally permanent. However, if you gain weight, or continue to take medications that impact your hormones, you may experience an increase in breast size again.

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The material found on this site is general in nature. It is not intended to be taken as medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis for patients and/or conditions. This site does not advocate or promote any of the procedures mentioned here. This information does not replace any relationship between you and your doctor. Before using this site you should read the terms of use and privacy policy.

Exercising Discernment – How To Make The Right Decisions Using Heightened Awareness « Fitter and Richer!

Whether it is a business you are trying to create and improve, a relationship you are unsure about, or just a situation in your life when you find yourself confused about what to do, making the right decisions can be one of the biggest challenges you will face. You can visit:

While I don’t think there is truly a “right” decision or a “wrong” decision for any particular occasion, I do believe there is a “best” or “highest” decision which we can and should do our best to achieve.

A “higher” or “best” decision will result in the path of least effort, ensuring that we are evolving ourselves with minimal resistance, while “lower” or “poor” decisions will require our lessons in life to much more painful and difficult to overcome.

Rational vs. Irrational Approach To Decision Making

Everyone has a different approach to decision making. Some people are very emotional – they react to a particular situation based on the way they feel about it. Other people are more rational – they analyze facts, weigh the probability of certain outcomes, and make a decision based on a logical and rationalized risk/reward conclusion. We learn to make logical decisions in school, but is logic really the right way to make the “highest” decisions?

While science tends to favor a rational approach, seasoned business professionals will tell you they use intuition and gut instinct all the time and could not succeed without it.

Rational approaches to decision making sound like a good approach, but a rational approach typically requires that we input information that we simply don’t have. We often don’t know what the probabilities are for the different outcomes that may occur and most rational approaches to decision making require that we do have this information.

Sure we can make a list of positives and negatives for each choice and try to weigh them, but how do we know which factors are more important vs. those that are less important?

Alternatively, it might make life easier if we simply had a strong “gut reaction” to a particular situation, which would naturally tell us what to do one way or the other.

If something just “feels” right or wrong, it would make decisions easier than trying to come up with some sort of logical formula based on assumptions. But how do we know for sure if whatever “feels” right is right, or if our emotional self is reacting to the wrong stimuli and forcing us to make poor decisions instead of good ones?

Using A Combined Approach To Decision Making

As with most dichotomies in life, I believe the answer to the rational vs. irrational debate lies somewhere in the middle. From my vantage point, I have determined that part of the key is timing. In other words, “when” a particular emotion occurs is more important than “if” a particular emotion occurred.

Likewise, “when” the facts and figures enter into the equation is more important than “if”. Good decisions start with “what is” and bad decisions start with “what if”.

I created a simple table so we can more easily visualize the difference between good and bad decisions. You’ll notice that there are both rational and emotional components to this type of analysis:

Good (High) Decision Bad (Low) Decision
-Starts out with “what is” which stems from existing facts and is naturally followed by inner enthusiasm – Starts out with “what if” which is a speculation of hopeful potential, but is not supported by current facts nor inner enthusiasm
– Obstacles have no bearing on the validity of the idea, they are speed bumps but not stop signs – Obstacles prove the idea is not valid, they are stop signs not speed bumps
– Fear of the possible outcome comes after your initial perception, which heightens your awareness and sharpens your perception of this choice – Fear of the possible outcomes precedes and molds perception of this choice
– Considers the benefits of all parties involved and comes from the heart – Emphasizes selfish fulfillment and comes from the ego

The Best Decisions Are Made In Times Of Clarity

Many times we force ourselves to make a decision when really it is not necessary to make any decision at all. Keep in mind that it is better to postpone a decision than to make a bad decision. Therefore, it helps to remember that the absence of clarity toward a particular situation probably means you are either about to make a bad decision, or that the highest and best decision is not ready to be made yet.

Good and high decisions are almost always clear and obvious, and leave you with a strong sense of certainty, while bad and low decisions are made in moments of confusion and uncertainty. If you cannot confidently proclaim to yourself that you are certain about a particular course of action, you may be better off to wait until a more confident moment arrives before making a decision.

The Danger of Half-Truths

When considering various situations in our lives, we often follow a course of action because we have determined it to be true and in line with our desires and intentions. However, in many cases, we end up feeling not entirely fulfilled about our situation.

If you are not happy or entirely fulfilled with your situation in life, it is most likely because something important – work, relationships, lifestyle – is not in line with your true self. A common reason for this, is because at some point or another, you have been drawn into what I call a “half-truth”.

A half-truth is basically something very close to the truth, so it attracts you in a similar way that the real truth would, but it is not the truth, and has in fact led you astray from your true path. An example could be a relationship with a person, a job you accepted, or a book you read that led you toward a belief that just doesn’t feel quite right.

The problem with the half-truth is that, because it so closely resembles the real truth, we can often not believe that it is not true. Often we will try to make small adjustments to our situation, believing we can “make the best of it” or “it’s our fault” and we are “not trying hard enough” to improve our situation.

A half-truth is dangerous because you can end up wasting much of your life chasing after a result that will never arrive from the path you have chosen. As close as it might seem to the “right path”, a half-truth is only partly true so it effectively leads us down the wrong path. In this way, a half-truth is more dangerous than an outright lie or deception, because lies are easier to discern – half-truths are not so easily recognized.

If a path were so obviously wrong for us, we would not choose it in the first place, and this would be an easy decision to make. However, half-truths have just enough truth in them for us to believe them to be true, so we follow them and devote resources to them without understanding why we are still unfulfilled.

Half-truths are very prevalent in society and may represent a person, workplace, course of study, religion, or other belief you might have adopted. The media, government, and powers that be help to reinforce half-truths in our lives to keep us distracted from the real truth.

Examples of Half-Truths:

– Education is important, therefore you must get a college degree to be successful in life

– Yogurt is good for you, therefore low fat yogurt is better

– You hate your job but you hope that eventually you will be promoted

– Your partner is often angry, ignores you, or treats you bad, but you stay with him or her anyway because “love hurts”

– Your prescription meds make you feel bad in some way, but you trust your doctor because a professional must know what is best for you

– You would love to be a “insert your dream profession here” but you don’t have enough “insert any reason – money, education, time, etc.”

– God said “thou shalt not kill” but since it is in the name of God, killing is OK, and therefore we can justify annihilating the Incas so we can ship gold back to Spain

The Difference Between Half-Truth and Real Truth

Again, what seems like a complicated problem actually has a very simple solution. The difference between a half-truth and the real truth is that a half-truth originates from an outside source or external influence, whereas the real truth can only come from inside of you.

In the “rush rush” hysteria of modern life, it is easy to accept a lot of half-truths because we are constantly looking for more of this or a better that – a bigger house, a nicer car, a career advancement, a better education for our kids, or any number of external stimuli to keep us temporarily happy or fulfilled.

Indeed, seeking truth from the inside might be perceived to be boring, hopeless, or simply impossible, because we are trained to believe that the things we want come from outside of us, not from within us.

Our paychecks, affection from our loved ones, praise from our co-workers, and the food on our plate all come from outside of us, so we constantly look outside of us for the things that make us happy. What we don’t realize is that this is the worst type of half-truth there is, because in reality, everything that fulfills you comes from the inside.

In addition, what most people find is that when they fully understand the truth of who they are and why they are here, all forms of wealth become attracted to them with far less effort.

People who are very successful in life do not get there by making choices that do not align with who they are, instead they excel by knowing themselves. This clarity of truth and knowledge about themselves makes it less likely that they will become distracted or held up by the deception of a half-truth.

So even if you want material success, fame, or some other external result in life, you will find it much easier to achieve success when you are doing what you know is right, and following your true path.

It is not wrong to desire material wealth, but it is unlikely you will achieve any great level of success until you learn to follow your highest and clearest self. And, depending on how far away you currently are from your true path, success and fulfillment may require a rather dramatic change from whatever it is that you are doing now.

Half-Truth Agents

Half-truth agents are people in your life who reinforce the half-truths you have decided to incorporate. A half-truth agent might be a drinking buddy who insists on getting drunk with you every weekend, because he or she is not happy doing anything else.

A half-truth agent might be a person who constantly has emotional issues they need to discuss with you, because they cannot seem to right whatever is wrong and so their problems continuously become your problems.

A half-truth agent could be a person in your family who always needs financial support, because their spending habits are out of control.

Half-truth agents will suck your energy, your resources, and effectively encourage you to stay on the wrong path by distracting you from your true path.

Half-truth agents are often not strangers, but people who are very close to you and therefore hard to ignore. This is why I call them half-truth agents, because if they were simply strangers with a bad attitude, they would have no effect on you, you could easily eliminate them from your life. However, because you have previously perceived their relationship to be important to you, and you have made an emotional investment in the relationship, a half-truth agent cannot be so easily ignored.

Since most of us have compassion toward others who need our time, our help, or our attention, we willingly give it, at the expense of running our own life into the ground. If allowed, a half-truth agent will keep us from achieving our own goals and dreams.

How To Identify Half-Truth Agents

The best course of action is to limit the influence of the half-truth agent is to first identify those people in our lives who are a net drain on our energy. These are the people who demand your time and attention when they have a problem, but don’t ever offer to help you with your problems. When I went through this analysis myself, I was shocked to discover just how many of the people in my life were a net drain on my energy and/or who were helping to keep me on the wrong path.

How To Identify Agents Of Truth

Thankfully, there are people who actually facilitate your true self and do not impose themselves on your time or energy like the half-truth agents do. Therefore, “agents of truth” can often seem less important and less involved in your life since they are not actively trying to draw your attention.

Usually, it is you who has to reach out to an agent of truth – those who will support your true self and path in life – because by definition that truth must start with you.

The people in your life who support you, who do not make excessive demands on your time and energy, and who are generally project love, confidence, or encouragement towards you – those are the people you should admire, respect, and spend time with.

How To Reduce The Influence Of The Half-Agent

Sadly, for many of us, half-truth agents far outnumber the agents of truth in our lives. The best course of action to reduce the influence of the half-truth agent is to begin limiting the amount of time and energy we offer them. If we gradually offer less and less energy to sustain them, they may eventually lose interest and look for other people to victimize. This process can be especially difficult if these people are family members, loved ones, friends, or coworkers – and they usually are, because rarely would we devote time to an energy sucking stranger or mild acquaintance.

To Change THE World, First Change YOUR World

In conclusion, we must realize that to make a positive impact on OUR WORLD, and by extension THE WORLD, we must save our energy for producing the types of positive behaviors that will keep us on our true path.

While it is fine to offer compassion and help to others, especially those you care for in life, you have to realize that if your help is not doing them any good, and they continuously depend on you for more time and energy no matter how much you give, it is THEY who have to find their own true path from within them. In fact, by helping to sustain their weaknesses by giving them the attention and energy they require, you are serving as a half-truth agent for them.

How To Apply This Chapter To Your Life

If you truly want to feel Fitter and Richer in 30 Days, think about a decision that you know you need to make but you are unsure of what course of action to take.

Write down the decision you are contemplating in the form of a question, and list all of the possible factors you are aware of that influence the decision. When you think about a particular course of action related to your potential decision, do you feel any sensations near your stomach or heart area? What do you think that means? Is your choice coming from a place of inner enthusiasm or fear? Who will be affected by your decision in a positive way and who will be affected in a negative way?

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Along with this, car insurance rates can also go up if a company that writes both home and auto insurance experiences a profit loss in their home division. For example, some major insurance carriers suffered great property losses with Hurricane Katrina. In the first few years, customers of these companies noticed that their car insurance prices went up. Because the insurance companies lost so much money in their home division, many of them raised their auto rates to help compensate for the losses.

Insurance fraud is another large factor in car insurance premiums. Many people commit insurance fraud without even realizing it. One of the most common insurance frauds is when an insurance company pays a claimant for a loss, but that person does not fix the damage to their car. Another common fraud is when a person has called for roadside assistance, yet the person turns in a claim to their insurance company to pay for towing or labor. This “double dipping” is illegal. A person can only collect for damages or towing and labor if they get the work done they claim to need, and if they have not already collected from another source.

Fraud can be committed even if a person does not file a claim against their car insurance company. If a person does not tell the whole truth when the agent is asking questions about who drives the cars, how far you drive to work, and safety devices on your vehicle, then they are also committing insurance fraud.

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